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Wedding - Rolls Royce finale

Clyde helps you through your event by being thorough, having consistent communication, and staying fun/positive the entire time. The passion for his craft is undeniable – K & J | Rhode Island Wedding




What is your style?

I document weddings using a photo-journalistic style combined with an artistic approach to create beautiful images that you can keep and pass on from generation to generation. I like to play with light and shadow as well as interesting angles and composition to create my images. I also like to use an artistic post production to further enhance and bring out your personality and beauty while at the same time telling your wedding story. Although I will not tell you to re-enact a certain part of your wedding for my picture opportunity, I would like to spend at least an hour (or more!) with just you, the couple, alone for beautiful portraits.


What are your price packages like?

I offer different packages to fit your needs, and if those packages don’t fit you, I will be happy to customize one just for you! Feel free to contact me for more information!


Can you reserve my date?

Once I have received a signed contract with the retainer, that date will be all yours!


What kind of equipment do you use?

I use professional Nikon equipment including camera, lenses, flash, etc, all with backups




Do you deliver every image that you take?

I will use my expertise as professional photographer to select the best pictures for delivery, and therefore not all of the images captured that day will make it into the “selection” pool.


In order to spare you from going through thousands and thousands of pictures, part of my job is to go through the pictures and make sure that every single one of them I deliver to you is usable, even if, for example, all you wanted was to use them as your laptop wallpaper. I will eliminate test shots, missed focused shots, blurry images, duplicate images, eyes-closed, person-walked-in-front-of-camera, those with unflattering expressions, and other images that may alter the quality of the overall product delivery. The images that did not get selected due to those reasons are not archived and therefore not available.


Do you edit all your pictures?

Yes I do. Every image you receive has been touched up with my unique style. I do not batch process or mass-produce because I believe that each picture deserves its own care and attention. This is to make sure each image that you receive will not be too dark (unless intentionally done so), have strange skin tones or other common photography flaws, as seen with some other photographers who will not touch up any images in your proofing gallery unless they are going to be printed or chosen for the wedding album.


Your wedding pictures will be selected and post-processed in order to present you with the most appealing and memorable, high-quality set of photographs; and will be a combination of color and black & white, as some moments are more powerful without the distraction of color.


Can you send me the raw files as well?

The raw, unprocessed files are not available for download or purchase. This is very much like asking your favorite restaurant for their recipe!

Part of my job is to create beautiful images for you to keep and cherish for a long long time and delivering unprocessed files to you is not part of my vision.


How long will it take before we receive our digital files? albums? prints/wall art?

Digital Files: It all depends on the length of your event and the season but you should expect a highlight of your event on my blog within 2 to 4 weeks and a complete gallery within 8 to 12 weeks after your event.


Albums: Production time may vary for your album, but expect it to be about 6 to 8 weeks after the order has been finalized and placed. The process before placing the order varies in duration depending on how quickly the album design and revisions take.


Prints/Wall art: You should expect to receive your prints/wall art about 2 to 3 weeks after the order has been finalized and placed.


If you require rush-processing, a fee will apply.

If you are going to give me digital files, why do I still need an album or buy prints/wall arts?

You do not have to, but it is highly recommended.


No current electronic storage medium will last a lifetime. Do you remember what a floppy disk is? They probably lasted 20-30 years on the market. Nowadays, most laptop computers don’t even have a CD drive, so who knows how long USB drives will last.


Hard drives will fail, DVDs will scratch, USB drives will bend, but you know what never becomes obsolete? Photographs. Not the ones printed on your own computer, or by your local drugstore, as the colors can fade, the papers can curl, etc, but those printed by professional labs, as those are printed on archival quality paper with calibrated printers.


Professional wedding albums will stand the test of time. Your pictures will not fade/become yellow over time when printed properly, and the binding will not fall apart. Each album that I provide is hand-made from start to finish and will provide you with the highest quality of work possible so you can use it as an heirloom that you can pass down to your children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren.


Your memories are worth more than the cost of a professional wedding album, and your WEDDING pictures are worth way more than that! These are not pictures that you took one day strolling down the beach, or on a vacation at Disneyland that you can easily replace, these are your once-in-a-lifetime memories. Your wedding photographs are the only thing that will increase in value over time, and I think the best way to preserve those memories are through professionally printed photographs, whether that be a poster print, a canvas, or better yet, an album.

What type of album do you offer?

Each album is hand-made from start to finish using archival-grade paper. Your images are printed directly onto the pages, can lay totally flat (you cannot tell there is a crease) and can extend across the whole page, running edge to edge with the borders of each page. I will personally design each and every single one of my albums, and I strive to keep a modern yet classic clean design to create a book that you can pass on to future generations.


Each album features genuine Italian leather as well as your name debossed (not printed, so will not fade over time) on the album cover. You may choose to have a photo-cameo window on your cover as well at no additional charge.


If you prefer a more classic and contemporary blend, I also offer albums featuring Japanese silk and linen covers (at no additional cost).

How does the album process work?

After I send you your password-protected online gallery for viewing, I will send you a preview of your album for proofing with a selection of my favorite images (the number of images will depend on the package that you pick). I find that sometimes it helps the couple envision their album better if they already have a draft in front of them.


You may choose to add images for an additional fee and/or make up to 3 revisions as necessary. You may choose to swap out a few pictures or pick completely different pictures for your album. Remember, your image selection is totally up to you, as this is YOUR story, YOUR album.


You will have a year from the date I send you the album preview to review and finalize the order as your album may be subject to a fee due to an increase in yearly production costs.




What is your payment schedule?

I will need your retainer to reserve your date for you and the remaining balance 2 weeks prior to your event. No worries, I will send you a reminder before payment is due (I want to make it easier on you as best as I can!).


Payment for overtime, album upgrades, or a-la-carte products beyond your contract will be billed post-event.


What happens if my wedding/event is canceled?

Unfortunately if your wedding/event is canceled, the retainer and all monies paid prior to cancellation will be non-refundable, since once your date is booked, I will have to turn down any inquiries for that day.


Can I pay cash for my packages and not pay state sales tax?

Unfortunately, paying for your packages in cash will not exempt me from paying Massachusetts sales tax on the amount of the entire package price when a physical product is delivered (album, USB, prints). However, I do offer tax-free services and packages that fall within Massachusetts State Law if you would like a service-only package.


Do I get all the copyrights for my images?

Did you mean you wanted the print release for the pictures? I am not one of those photographers that will hold your images hostage. I do retain the copyright of the pictures for my own promotional use but I do provide you with a print release for your pictures so you may reproduce them at your heart’s content and share them on social media for the whole world to see!


All I ask is that you do not re-edit the final images before re-posting them… and I would love if you could spread the word about me with everyone you know 🙂


In most cases you can print your photos up to 8″x12″ without any quality loss. If you would like to print larger than that, additional post-processing needs will be required (for pricing on these services, feel free to contact me). Otherwise, I do offer professional poster printing and wall art from professional photo labs. I find that only a professional photo lab is able to produce great color prints that will last so I do not guarantee the exact color tone and outcome if you are printing them on your own printers or consumer labs.


Do you carry liability insurance?

Yes I do. A lot of event venues will require the photographer to have liability insurance, which is why it is always wise to make sure a vendor is covered before hiring him/her (especially if your “friend” is that vendor).


If your venue requires a certificate of insurance, I do request that you let me know 2 months in advance as it will take time for my insurance company to process the paperwork and provide the certificate.